Lemon flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lemon flavored oil is an extra virgin olive oil that undergoes an even more particular treatment. For this oil the lemon’s peel, coming from untreated agriculture, is pressed with the olives, creating a perfect oil for raw meats, like carpaccio, and fish.

The flavored extra virgin olive oil boasts a centuries-old tradition; in fact the monks, since the medieval age, used to prepare them in the monasteries with the aromatic herbs that they cultivated or that grew spontaneously in their territory. In this way they began a gastronomic tradition that, even today, is a living part of Mediterranean cuisine. The hills of Alta Langa and the steep slopes of the Ligurian Apennines, which descend steeply down to the sea, are full of herbs and plants that give off flavors and aromas when, immersed in oil, they are left to rest for about 40 days. This is a patient ritual because, longer the herbs remain inside of the oil, more the oil takes its flavor, giving back a condiment that can be revealed as versatile on many dishes.

Over the years, the Desiderio company has selected five types of flavored extra virgin olive oil: rosemary, basil, lemon, chilly pepper and garlic.