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Over the last few years the idea of extra virgin olive oil has grown a lot. People are increasingly aware of the products they bring to their table and are increasingly seeking a very high quality in food products.

For this reason, Olio Desiderio gives the opportunity to taste its products, from the oil to the various specialties in jar, through a guided tasting.

The tasting of extra virgin olive oil is a very special experience, unique in its kind and able to awaken all the senses of our palate.

Our employees will be able to accompany you in this journey starting from a video representative of the collection and milling, explaining the various steps. We then continue with the olfactory and visual analysis of our oils, followed by a meticulous explanation and analysis of the differences. It ends, then, with the tasting of the different types of oil, starting from the sweetest and delicate ones, up to the bitter and spicy ones.

Our tastings are born to tell you the story that is behind every oil, to give meaning to colors and flavors, and to perfectly match every type of oil to its perfect dish.

If you are interested in spending some time with us trying to expand your knowledge about this extraordinary world, we will be happy to welcome you in our firm where just this year gave life to a new room where you can see all our products and spend some time to tasting.

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