Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil italian 100%

Biological cultivation is a philosophy of life based on respect for the territory and its surroundings; an added value to the quality of the products that allows to guarantee the authenticity and the typical flavors of the past and to obtain natural products in the respect of traditions.

The olives are harvested by hand at the right stage of ripening and immediately processed to maintain their quality.

 “Organic extra virgin olive oil” has a strong personality, determined by the purity of its organoleptic characteristics easily perceptible to the eye. Very particular is its green color that contains an intense fruity taste.

Its characteristics are easily recognizable even by the nose and guaranteed by the fact that the harvesting and pressing of olives exclude any synthetic chemical product, such as for soil fertilization and pest control, thus promoting better use of its nutrients. Its fragrance is equally particular, fruity and rich in vegetal notes.

Particular also its slightly bitter and fruity aftertaste, rich in hints of aromatic herbs.

Organic cultivation is to be considered a boast, as in every bottle there is the story of a year’s work and attention that tell the close relationship between the knowledge of the man and the rhythms of nature that is never forced.