Extra Virgin Olive Oil “MUST” (not filtered)

The extra virgin olive oil “must” comes from a simple and natural pressing of olives; differently from other extra virgin olive oils it doesn’t undergo filtration, so it keeps intact all the fragrances of the olives with which it is produced.

The olive are picked by hand at the perfect degree of maturity and immediately pressed for keep their high quality.

It’s a blend, because inside we have different type of extra virgin olive oil, the same type of the extra virgin classic one.


It has an intense yellow color with green veins, veiled appearance, a bit turbid, in fact it can form a slight deposit on the bottom of the bottle.


The “must” has an intense and fruity olive perfume, with a sweet and fresh almond flavor and hints of green. Pleasant bitter and spicy aftertaste, but delicate in the kitchen that makes it usable for all needs, in particular for the pinzimonio (raw vegetables putted in extra virgin olive oil) and on minestrone, pasta and rice in white.