Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Biancolilla italian 100%

This is one of the top selection of our factory and it’s made from the pressing of  only one kind of olive: the “Biancolilla of Sicily”. A monovarietal (monocultivar) is, normally, a great personality oil, really typical and representative of its production area and, for these reasons, it’s particularly esteemed.

The olive are picked by hand at the perfect degree of maturity and immediately pressed for keep their high quality.

It have an intense pale yellow color with golden sheen and is limpid for the clarification by the passage through paper sheets.

Monocultivar Biancolilla at the smell is delicate with vegetal sensations and a fruity aroma.

In mouth is sweet and delicate with a fruity and a little bit spicy finish in the throat with a fragrance of sweet almond, tomatoes and artichoke.

Its sophisticate taste made it ideal for seafood appetizer, grilled meat and fish and both baked and raw vegetables.

The time and the continued attention have made possible to M.B. to reach such refinement for being one of the most sophisticate Italian oil.