Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruity italian 100%

The extra virgin olive oil “fruity” arrived relatively late in the range of our oils in that it was born to satisfy the requests of some loyal customers, looking for an oil with a more vigorous taste.


The olive are picked by hand at the perfect degree of maturity and immediately pressed for keep their high quality.


It’s a blend, because inside we have different type of extra virgin olive oil. It is obtained from the pressing of olives with a sweet and delicate variety, with the addition of a variety called Coratina di Puglia (about 30%) with a more intense flavor.


Its green color enriched by yellow reflections is one of the salient features of this very structured oil.


The “fruity”, born from this particular union, have an amazing fruity perfume that refers to the raw fruit.


Thanks to the presence of Coratina, the “fruity” has a delicate bitter and spicy taste. A strong taste that knows how to satisfy the palates who love strong tastes. It’s a tasty oil that recalls the artichoke and is perfect to combine with dishes with a strong flavor, excellent for summer salads and with the typical “garlic, oil and chilly” pasta.