Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil italian 100%

A good nutrition provides calories in a balanced way, consisting of 58% carbohydrates, 12% protein and 30% fat. The Mediterranean diet is the ideal diet and the extra virgin olive oil is one of its major exponents.

The extra-virgin olive oil is considered “the green gold” of the Italian culinary tradition, in that its value and its history derive from a long tradition of four hundred years.


The olive are picked by hand at the perfect degree of maturity and immediately pressed for keep their high quality.

It’s a blend, because inside we have different type of extra virgin olive oil.

It have an intense yellow with veins tending to green which, being so light, confirming its genuineness, its quality and its freshness.

Our classic extra virgin olive oil opens to the nose with hints of officinal herbs, a light aftertaste of tomato and artichoke. It is an oil that contains all the aromas and flavors that preserve the real fragrances of the fruit.


Its taste is very particular, complex but at the same time very delicate, because it was born from olives with a mild character, and with an elegant and fruity finish.