Anti-age cream

The anti-age face cream with Desiderio extra virgin olive oil, from the “Desideri di bellezza” line, is an excellent weapon to fight and prevent wrinkles.

A constant prevention with an anti-age treatment like our very effective cream, in fact, is necessary to counteract the onset and to smooth them thanks to a progressive regenerating action.

All this is possible thanks to the precious natural ingredients from which it is composed; the ginseng extract deeply dissolves the skin of the face marked by wrinkles making it immediately more elastic and young, while the antioxidant activity of vitamin E combined with vitamin A have a preventive effect in the formation of wrinkles. The extra virgin olive oil, contained in high concentrations, and of the karate butter have a moisturizing, emollient and protective action.

The emulsion of the oil in water makes it a cream with a glossy, consistent, easily absorbed appearance, soft to the touch and very emollient.

We recommend applying it in the morning and in the evening, after facial cleansing and applying the tonic, with circular massages. Excellent make-up base.